Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hemp Bracelets!

You know those urges where you feel like you just need to create something? You don't know exactly what to create but you know that you need a creative output? I had one of those urges yesterday and I decided to (re)learn how make hemp bracelets. I used to make them all the time with my mom but had since forgotten even the most basic knots so after a little bit of researching I remembered and made three simple bracelets.

I think I'm going to make a necklace next!

UPDATE: I made a necklace!
Speaking of learning new thing, I decided to start teaching myself how to play guitar. I haven't gotten too far in the learning process but I can play all of the open chords, a few power chords and I know how to play a few strumming patterns. I love it so far but, my goodness - my fingers are so sore! I'm just going to keep holding onto the idea that, someday, when I am a rockstar it will all be worth it ;)

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