Friday, February 26, 2010

Expect Beauty and Love. It's Here.

 A sign from Cleo's Ferry Museum.

I have a new roommate now, her name is Heather - she moved in on Saturday. On Sunday all of my roommates and I played the board game, Imagineiff.  I had never played it but it was entertaining! Click here to read about the game concept. After we were done with the game (I won!), we decided that mid-February was a good time for assembling a gingerbread house so we made one:

The unfinished product.

Austin and I went to a concert on Wednesday (February 24) night at The Venue in Boise. The Chariot, Memphis May Fire, The Color Morale, Greeley Estates and Inhale Exhale played. The Venue was one the smallest venues that I had ever been to and the show was high energy so the atmosphere was great.

I have been slowing decorating my room and I am finding that I enjoy it quite a bit! It's not a exactly a fast process because I am trying to be frugal with my money but it is slowly getting there. Recent additions to my room are as follows:


A much needed bookcase.

A few mirrors from the dollar store.

And some wonderful pictures that Austin and I picked up from Book Nook.

Next on my decorating to-do list is to purchase curtains and to get some photos developed and make a collage on the wall opposite my bed. I can't wait! :)

Yesterday morning, Julie and I went geocaching. I love geocaching because it brings you to new, interesting places that you never would have went otherwise and yesterday was no exception. We started off going to a place called "Dan's Ferry" in Melba. The little store's exterior was decorated with all sort of imaginative little knick-knacks:

I also saw a cactus for the first time:


After Dan's Ferry we crossed a bridge to Snake River and came across another cache. Snake River was very, very pretty:

Julie :)

After we were done taking in the sights at Snake River we headed over to a place called "Cleo's Ferry Museum" which turned out to be an extremely intriguing place! In short, it's an outdoor collection of various statues, figures, monuments and signs. The trail goes in a loop and it is a nice half mile walk. Here are some cool things we saw along the way:


As Julie and I were walking we came across a few statues of deer (^). As we were looking at them Julie remarks, "Wait, is that a real deer?" And it was! Can you see the deer laying in the background of the picture? (Click the photo to enlarge it.) That one was real! She decided to take a nap near the deer statues, how cute.

Just as the trail was ending we saw these peacocks just hanging out and then...

One of them decided to show us how pretty she was!


 I love this time of year - it's starting to get warm, birds are chirping and things are beginning to grow. The world can be such a lovely place.

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