Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby photos!

I have a bunch of old pictures on my laptop and I want to upload them to my blog so that even if my computer crashes, I'll still have them :) Plus, my family can look through them and reminiscence with me. I will try my best to put them in chronological order -

July 25, 1991

  My dad and I.

My sisters (Jamie and Crystal) and I.

My dad, my mom, my two sisters and me.

July 26, 1991
Daddy and me :)

My mom and I.
July 27, 1991
My dad and I.

My mom and I.

July 28, 1991

Me at four days old!

My sister Jamie and I.

July 31, 1991

 Jamie, me and Crystal.

My sister and I again.

The rest of the pictures are from when I was one year old.

Dad and me.



Crystal and I.

My mom, dad and I.

Me eating cake on my first birthday.

Me being a goofball. (Some things never change, I suppose!)

Me in Jamie's coat.

My parents and I.

I guess I was always a dork :)

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