Thursday, February 11, 2010

Introductions and other things of that nature!

"Find me here, speak To me. I want to feel you... I need to hear you. You are the light that's leading me to the place where I find peace again."
Everything by Lifehouse

Such a soothing song with absolutely beautiful lyrics, if you have not already had the pleasure of listening to that song I recommend you listen to it some time in the near future.

I am starting this blog in hopes that I will update regularly and have a written record of my life to look back on in the future. Life is so beautiful and full of new experiences and adventures, each fascinating in its own regard, that I would like to remember every single one of them. I will post about the places I visit, the things I experience, the people I meet and my plans for the future. This blog is more for personal growth than anything else but I would love to share my life's experiences with you and I would love for you to do the same - there is so much that we can learn from each other.

Oh, I should probably introduce myself! My name is Colleen, I am eighteen years old and am currently in college (my major, for now, is UNDECIDED!). I love to try new things, travel unusual places and learn anything and everything - the world and all of its intricacies captivates me. I would like to travel to Europe within the next few years and really take the time (a year or two, if possible) to submerge myself in the cultures, people and languages of each country. I enjoy watching plays, musicals and concerts - there is nothing quite like the atmosphere of a live performance. I lived in central Connecticut from the time I was born until last month. I moved to Idaho on January 5 and to say that I am thoroughly enjoying it so far would not do my experience here justice. Since I've moved to Idaho I've been living (MUCH) closer to my boyfriend, living on my own and going to college - all three things which I am extremely grateful for. My boyfriend, Austin, is so brilliant and such an incredible source of joy in my life... I'm sure I will mention him quite a bit in this blog :) My roommates' names are Julie and Tami and they are completely wonderful, I admire them both for being the women that they are.

Would anyone care to see a few pictures? Of course you would - pictures put faces with the names!

Austin and I!

The Roomies!

Julie(left), Tami(right)

Now that we're acquainted I think I'll wrap up this blog entry. Follow me if you feel like doing so and message or comment me if you'd like me to check out your blog and I will! Thank you so much for reading - it means a lot to me, I assure you. I think I will do a quick update of everything that has happened within the past month tomorrow so that we will be up-to-date with everything!

Goodnight ♥


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